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Yea i definetly want to hear the full version of this song. I love the appregio's int his

Nynety-Nyne responds:

To be honest, there's only like 20 seconds after that. The piano's carry on, with just the kick and the FX strange-weirdy thing and just finishes with the piano. I just guessed you wanted to know. Thanks, again.

very original

I really like this alot, along with your other stuff. hey if you got msn you should add me sub_immortal@hotmail.com I like doing collaberations

Nynety-Nyne responds:

Thnks, once again.

Yeah, sure I'll add you. I look forward to it.


I definetly love the dinamics of the heavy bass with the clean accoustic guitar in there. I really wish this was longer.

Nynety-Nyne responds:

Wow, thanks. First positive review so far.

i liked it man

i liked it just as much as i liked the demo man, good shit, keep it up

Apple-Eater responds:

haha ty good freidn spider and your music aint bad eirther

awsome stuff

this song is completely bitch i have no idea why it has a low score so i gave you a 5/5 and still it barely went up

rocker206 responds:

yeah I still dont know why it's score is so low...oh well glad you liked it.


Dude this is awsome, all your stuff is worth a listen, you should add me on msn sub_immortal@hotmail. we can talk music and stuff, you should so do a fully metal version of the spiderman theme from that cartoon that came out in the 90's

rocker206 responds:

Hey thanks man.I'll add you to my msn. I might consider giving that spiderman theme a try...mabey.

really like your shit

Hey guys i really like your music, ive bin workin on my own stuff up in alaska you should add me on msn sub_immortal@hotmail

lessthan3 responds:

Good stuff, dude. We don't do the IM thing.

wow made in fruity loops

wow made in fruty loops thats pretty kick ass, hey you any good at transferig like guitar riffs to fruity loops, cause if you can i got shit you could work with add me msn sub_immortal@hotmail.com

mark9 responds:

yeah, im pretty good at it... theres a couple rules of doing it right though.. it has to be the right tempo (doesnt have to be but it will go out of sync)... i think thats the only rule :/

And the guitar wasnt transferred, it was 80% FLStudio and 20% Guitar Rig.
In other words, i used "STR_3c_Long" (find it in the Strings pack) to create the melody, then I assigned it a channel on the mixer, and plugged in Guitar Rig, i have realistic electric guitar now, much better then FruitySlayer.

expect an email.

glad you liked it man, more to come soon

pretty good

hey this is pretty good i heard both versions of this song and i like them both, just made me want more like a good movie.

Apple-Eater responds:

yeah ty man ill come out with new versons later on plus the full verson....ty

Damn it gorebastard

Damn it man you gotta keep your guitars from getting all muffeled. I loved the intro, bone chillin stuff, but are you usen a drum machine cause the double bass was either to loud or just to damn repatiative. Still good shit dont get me wrong.

GoreBastard responds:

Wooow, where have you beeeeen dude. Not seen you round these parts for a long time.

I know what you mean about the drums. Basically, because Newgrounds has a shitty filesize limit of 4mb, I had to compress this like a bitch to get it to fit on the site. The original is better quality indeeeeed.

Cheers for the cool review old bean!

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