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hey why did it say mild nudity

There was no nudity and why did i have to be 18, nothign happend, i do think this is creative way of shwing people how to date and all but the ploy's are a little off. But unlike most people i liked the style and graphics.

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this was awsome

this game is kick ass, i took me 4hrs to beat it all, where can i play more of it email me at sub_immortal@hotmail, i want to play more my character was such a badass and it didnt take for ever to level up is what i really liked, the music was a nusance but so is all rpg music and the graphics were sweet for flash and i was just, well i had low expectations and you blew it out of the water 5/5. y ou get a nine cause i didnt laugh, srry its a catagory

pretty sweet

i thought it was pretty sweet, i was wondering, where do you get the software to make these games cause id be really sweet if i could make a game, i think who knows.

the last person to review this was a douche

why the hell would you play a family guy test if you dont watch it. And yes peter was his slave name because he found out he had a black relative.


dude this brings back memories this game is sweet. o and sleepyyak,if your reading this u are a jackass and same with good8924,and to all you outwar bastards we dont give a shit about your stupid game or what ever so all you outwar fuckers that use NG for your little ploy should burn in hell then have a bucket of water just out of your reach and have a wolverine eat away at your genitals, while you have a elephant shit on you.

lost but not forgotten

even though i dont play dress up games i still love mall monkeys and at their site they sayd that theyre gonna have a Cd that has the entire achive, the game and extras, i cant wait! abd to all that never saw read mallmonkeys.oops you missed out

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